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Everyone seems to have an opinion on how low the indoor temperature should be in the summer when running the air conditioning.

Many people just think 23 degrees C (72 degrees F) because that’s standard room temperature, but others think it should be higher when it’s hotter outside. While inspecting a rented house, we saw that the tenant had set their air conditioning to 13 degrees C (55 degrees F)!

What temperature should the air conditioning be set at in your home for the summer? What factors should you consider when making this decision?

1. The Comfortable Indoor Temperature Zone

When it’s really hot outside you might be tempted to cool off by climbing into your fridge, but 3 degrees C (37 degrees F) is actually way too cold, especially given what you’re wearing in the summer! Somewhere in the range of 23 to 26 degrees C (73 to 79 degrees F) is a good indoor temperature in the summer (according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers).

On the hottest days outside, you might want to move your thermostat toward the higher end of that range because the hotter it is outside the more money it will cost you to cool your house. Each degree lower is costing you dollars (hard to define exactly how much as electricity rates vary greatly). For this reason, Absolute Comfort Control Services recommends setting your thermostat to 25.5 degrees C (78 degrees F) when you are home in the summer—it’s cool enough and will save you money.

2. Set It and Forget It!

While it may not “make sense” to leave your AC running while you are gone, it is actually more efficient than raising the temperature while you are out and then turning it down when you return. It takes your AC an average of 1 hour to cool your house 1 Degree F under the best conditions, so just imagine if you let your home get 5-10 degrees warmer! The best way to think about it is indoor cruise control, your AC doesn’t have to work as hard or long just to maintain temperature, which is how you get the best efficiency and comfort!

3. Check and Clean Your Condenser with a Hose Once or Twice a Season

Your outdoor condenser functions almost like a car’s radiator. It cools down the refrigerant by drawing air through its coils and shooting the now hot air out through the top. When your unit becomes plugged or dirty it reduces the airflow through the coil and keeps it from cooling effectively. This causes the unit to run longer and actually increases the cost per minute to run! Cleaning your condenser with just a garden hose (never a power sprayer!) is one of the easiest things you can do to save money and keep comfortable during AC season.


Now, setting your thermostat at the right temperature for your house will work well as long as your air conditioning is working well. Be sure your air conditioning can keep your home comfortable by having it regularly serviced by a qualified HVAC technician.

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