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The fall season is fast approaching for residents of Windsor-Essex and that doesn’t mean just a change for your wardrobe. Your home needs to prepare as well to ensure you stay comfortable. So, what do the colder seasons mean for your HVAC system? The home comfort specialists at Absolute Comfort Control Services have put together a list of the top tips to prepare your HVAC system for the fall season.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat Schedules

Smart thermostats are a milestone in improved home comfort and efficiency! The fall season change is an excellent time to review your thermostat’s function and set new schedules for the colder temperatures in Windsor-Essex. Make sure your HVAC system is not being overworked for the new temperatures outside! Not to mention, if you have children returning to school during the day, there is no need to cool a house with no one in it.

2. Change Your Furnace’s Filter

When is the last time you changed your furnace’s filter? The start of the season is a great time for a fresh start! You know your furnace will be running in the best possible environment. Not to mention, aligning a filter change with the start of a season is the perfect way to remember when the last time a filter was changed and when it’s overdue for another.

3. Keep the Area Around Your Outdoor AC Unit Clean

The leaves and foliage that adorns the ground during the autumn season are quite beautiful! However, they can become quite problematic if we run into some lingering heat waves well into the season. The twigs, leaves, and brush can clog up your unit causing decreased performance, operating error, and even a hazard for your home!

4. Clean your Home’s Ductwork

The summer months create the perfect environment for dust, debris, and other air pollutants to build up in the home’s ventilation system. The beautiful weather leads to increased foot traffic and out of your home and more opportunities for your vents to pick up unwanted guests. Furthermore, our extremely humid summers in Windsor-Essex can breed mold in your vents if left unchecked. Similar to our filter recommendation, start the fall season off with clean ducts! The unchecked build-up could be hurting your home’s efficiency.

5. Preventative Maintenance for Your Furnace (and AC Unit)

Our final bit of advice is to put your system in the hands of an expert! Your furnace may be in dire need of maintenance after not running for an entire season. Don’t forget about the AC unit either! Just because you will be shutting it down for the season does not mean it doesn’t need a little TLC. Preventative maintenance in preparation for the colder season shutdown will stop an unwanted malfunction when you go to fire it up next summer!

Whether you are happy about it or not, the fall season is upon us Windsor-Essex! Following the steps we outline in this blog post will set you on the right track and keep your family comfortable as we transition into the colder months.

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