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Regardless of your fuel type, heating your home throughout the Windsor-Essex winter will put a noticeable spike on your monthly bills. Oh well, right? Not much you can do about it, just comes with the territory of living through our distinct four-season weather. Wrong! Here are 6 proven ways to lower your heating costs this winter while maintaining your family’s comfort.

1. Free Miscellaneous Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Before we get into the heavy hitters, this is a quick list of things you can do around your home if you are looking to lower your home’s heating bill for free!

  • Open up the curtains in your home during the day. The sunlight can bring in more heat during the winter than you think!
  • Ensure all your doors and windows are properly closed tight.
  • Your ceiling fans don’t just cool you down! Use your ceiling fans to circulate the heat throughout your home more efficiently.
  • Wear thicker clothing in the winter. We are not saying wear your snow pants, but maybe long sleeves instead of short sleeves.
  • This one seems like a no-brainer but… turn the thermostat down a degree!

If you have already tried these hacks to no avail, let’s get into some of the permanent solutions!

2. Install a Smart Thermostat in Your Home

Smart thermostats lower your heating bills providing direct energy usage reports to your smartphone, automatically program temperatures based on your schedule, and fully integrate with all smart home products to improve your efficiency and comfort.

3. Service Your Furnace & Replace Your Filters

Even the best furnace on the market will start to lose efficiency if it is neglected. Your HVAC system is running just as much (if not more) as your daily driver. Cleaning, maintenance service, and a simple furnace filter swap will have your furnace running like brand new!

4. Review the Area of Common Air Leaks in Your Home

Broken seals & air leaks are some of the leading causes of an inefficient HVAC system we come across in our home visits. Check your doors, windows, fireplace dampers, phone lines, and all other areas leading outside.

5. Utilize Space Heaters for Problem Rooms

If there is one room that is constantly giving you comfortability issues (say your bedroom at night) you can use a space heater rather than increasing the temperate on your HVAC system regulating your entire house. Now, this is more of a “band-aid” rather than a fix, but it could help you save money in the meantime.

6. Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation with Our Home Comfort Specialist

Our home comfort specialists are highly trained to understand the HVAC needs of a home specifically in Windsor-Essex County. Scheduling an in-home consultation with one of our home comfort specialists will highlight the energy problem areas within your home and produce the solutions required to fix the issues for good.

We hope this helps all the Windsor-Essex homeowners who are tired of fighting their heating bill every month during the colder seasons! If you have tried the lower-level methods of lowering your monthly bill above, maybe it is time for a permanent update to your HVAC system. Contact us today and schedule a free in-home consultation!

About Absolute Comfort Control Services

Absolute Comfort Control Services is a residential and commercial heating and cooling company that has been family-owned and operated since 2006. The Absolute Comfort team takes pride in delivering the correct HVAC solution for your home with no-surprise pricing. The designation of Trane Comfort SpecialistCarrier Expert, and Goodman Dealer ensures that our team has the most up-to-date knowledge in the fields of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Schedule a free in-home consultation and experience the Absolute Comfort difference.